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creation, management and curator

2008 - 2010



This work aims to summarise the last eight decades of history of the city of Seville through photographic fragments related to the emblematic public space that is the Plaza de América, located in Parque María Luisa. In it one can read the city and its history through the memories of local people connected to this place, so closely associated with local identity, which brings so many people together as a common reference.


One of the key strands of the project is based on participation, encouraging social impact and collective thought.


Drawing out the vital essence of this place from their collective imagination, people freely shared their personal, mainly family, memories, sending their photos to the project web site. These served as raw material for my creation: painting, installation, video, theatre, photography, also in collaboration with forty local artists.


The result was a great collective creation with which the participants and visitors felt strongly identified emotionally. The culmination of the project was an exhibition in the Museo de Artes y Costumbre Populares in Seville, from 14 May to 5 September 2010, visited by almost 40,000 people, and an installation in the square, from 13 May to 10 June 2010.















Creditos a todos y todas

colaboradores de este proyecto




Donde van las palomas por la noche

Duración: 6:09 min


sobre el proyecto "La Plaza de las Palomas" que Rinat Izhak realizo en 2010.

El proceso artístico de su creadora y los diferentes creacciones que ha realizado sobre el tema de la Plaza de America, Parque de Maria Luisa, Sevilla.

Video creado por Carlos Godot (2014)



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