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(“Look beyond what we see”)

Creation, direction and curation



Installation in 200m2 space *

Indian ink on translucent treated paper.



It is an installation that recreates a forest, painted with Indian ink on treated translucent paper. The different layers create the impression of the bark of a tree, which allows light to cross, generating a very beautiful image.

The translucent paper, allow to see the silhouettes of the people that pass between them, reflected in them. This vision lets us see beyond and have the awareness of reflection: that we are one, and if we harm nature, we harm ourselves; if she dies, we dies too, and that's why we have to protect her and take care of her.

Traveling Exhibition - project site specific

Look beyond what we see is a literally itinerant installation: the forest enters a suitcase and travels with the artist, to be placed in different exhibition buildings and unconventional spaces in Spain and abroad, to spread is message. "Every time it acquires a new meaning, according to what inspires me in space, and every time it is a challenge for me as an artist, to use my creativity and my training as an architect, to create with the installation, a different environment adapting it to the new environment" says Rinat.


The installation was inaugurated for the first time at the Pablo de Olavide University in Seville, which sponsored the production of the installation, as part of the Atalaya Project. It was then exhibited in Cádiz as part of TEDxCádizUniversity, traveled to Israel as a component of its individual exhibition Rooted in Space, at The Artists' House, Tel Aviv, and in 2016 it received an Honorable Mention at the Cortes de Cádiz Awards. He has participated in ARTSevilla 360 °, a collective exhibition between classrooms of the Loyola University of Andalusia. He has been selected to participate in the Festival of Contemporary Art in Mallorca ArtNit Campos 2017, Rinat arrived with his suitcase, full of trees, to expose them in an abandoned old cinema. In the same year the forest traveled to Barcelona, ​​between the trees a beautiful red piano will be placed inviting those who know how to play, to fill Pedralbes Center with their music and art.


* The forest, which has a total of 50 trees, can be divided into groups of, for example, 9, 13 or 15 trees according to the exhibition space, ready to transport them in a small suitcase to any place. This way they can travel and "plant" in other places, creating forests.



Production support:

30 Septiembre 2015  Universidad Pablo de Olavide de Sevilla

27 Noviembre 2015  TEDx CádizUniversity 

Festival of Contemporary Art in Mallorca ArtNit Campos 2017

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