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Since 1998, I have been investigating in more and more depth the magic and mystery of nature. To walk in her footsteps, feel her, observe her and listen to her inner rhythm. Initially, I travelled to different places: Africa, India, Hungary, Latin America, Spain, Portugal, the UK. In these countries I saw afresh the colours, scents, light, forms, everything present in nature, from macro to micro, and I memorised these details to create a “private archive” in my memory. This phase forms the start of my artistic process.


In my studio, when choosing a subject for a series or a project, I channel the knowledge we all silently receive, in order to communicate sensations, contemplate what I see and translate it into images using form and colour. When painting, depending on the subject, I use the materials and techniques required to express what I observe. The work is very abstract, but seen from afar, it is figurative. Like nature itself.




CV Rinat Izhak


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