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At the end of 2006, I was invited to the Cadiz theatre festival, as the set designer of the play Trece Rosas (Thirteen Roses).


There I reacquainted myself with the Atlantic, after so much time by the shores of the Mediterranean. I realised how much power it has, and that it is more masculine, with an inner strength, compared to the Mediterranean, which although it has high waves, inside is very gentle. It was winter, and the sea was ferocious. My attention was drawn to the foam it leaves on the beach, after a wave returns to the sea: it looked like an engraved message from a distant land. I looked towards the horizon. I remembered an African woman in South Africa who told me that at the point where the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic meet, as they are two strong seas, they don't mix with each other: after crashing against each other, each returns the way he has come. I thought about Tarifa, the point where the Mediterranean and the Atlantic meet, as if it were a meeting between a man and a woman: they combine together and create a storm. The series "Olor a Mar" is made up of the memories of different sensations I have experienced with different oceans around the world, looking at their landscapes.


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